Other Canary Islands

Beautiful beaches and year-round sunshine!

The Canary Islands enjoy year-round sunshine, together with a reliably temperate climate. All the islands have beautiful beaches and individual characteristics, with something for everyone.

Gran Canaria
The ancient volcanic explosions that created the Canarian archipelago left behind a spectacular legacy. Gran Canaria streches just 25 miles from north to south and yet the landscape is so varied - from mountains to deep ravines, tropical forests, deserts and glorious beaches.

Ever wondered what it would be like to walk on the moon? Here's your chance. The lunar-like landscape is unlike any of the other Canary Islands. In fact, its hauntingly beautiful lava flows and volcanic craters could be from another planet.

The second largest Canary Island, the least populated and the closest to the African continent. Mile upon mile of soft white sand, never ending sunshine and cool breezes across turquoise seas makes Fuerteventura the perfect play ground.