How a vacation certificate works

Multiple certificates / multiple weeks are available.

James Apartments Resort Vacation Certificates brings a whole new way to booking holiday accommodations, Huge saving by purchasing your vacation certificate you are saving significantly on your vacation budget.

By purchasing a certificate for your vacation for up to 12 months in advance of your holiday, you have a Vacation Certificate in credit to use or give to your family or friends. For vacations that will be taken within 6 months of travel, within 3 Months of travel or even less then clients can save even more money.

Holding a valid Vacation Certificate ensures you benefiting and receive substantial savings over the regular holiday booking systems. Your certificate allows you access to over 4000 exclusive Resorts in over 100 Countries worldwide, most of these resorts are not available on regular booking engines.

It’s as simple as that.

With a valid Certificate you can book your holiday at any time you choose, there are no additional fees or costs associated with the accommodation booking. Every single resort on the Vacation Certificate web site has a “No Charge” in the pricing field; this is because you already hold a valid Pre-Paid Certificate that means you can redeem it at any time.

With James Apartments not only is your holiday guaranteed and secured in high quality apartments but also giving you time to search, view and decide where and when you want to go knowing the price wont change, you then just redeem your certificate with nothing else to pay.

You will receive your confirmation of booking by return email immediately after redeeming your certificate.

Just follow these three easy steps...

Step One.

Pick your resort and dates

Step Two.

Pick your accomodation

Step Three.

Redeem your certificate

Other hotels, resorts, apartments or package tour operator’s work different as they require you to book immediately claiming prices will go up but with no chance to change you destination or resort or dates once booked. The Resort Vacation Certificate consists of a one-week (7 nights) vacation stay at in a high quality apartment. You can choose from a host of destinations around the world and the certificate will be sent directly to you or the person for whom you’re purchasing a certificate.

Amazing prices

We pride ourselves on offering superb apartments at great prices. Trusted by customers worldwide to deliver exceptional apartment holidays. You can rely on the James Apartments brand to bring you and your family a holiday experience you’ll never forget.

The perfect gift

Vacation Certificates are perfect for gifts, Wedding gifts, Anniversaries, a thank you gift, or as a sales incentive, The Gift of Travel is fantastic way to show your appreciation to family, Friend, colleague or loved one.